Every client’s design project is a challenge. I put my heart and soul into every single design I work on. With this mentality I manage to make design my lifestyle and give clients the best product they can get. Read my story below.

How it all started

I’ve been designing for at least 15 years. Started in Photoshop and transitioned to webdesign with HTML / CSS. After discovering my passion, which is creating art, I realized that I wanted to do this for a living. That is the moment I founded DARTY Studio. DARTY stands for Dreams A RealiTY. The concept of this abbreviation is that the client comes in with a dream design and it is my job to make this dream a reality. Let it be a dream design for a website or a brand logo, I will do anything in my power to make the project the best it can be.

My Skills

Adobe Photoshop 0
Adobe Illustrator 0
Adobe Premiere 0
Adobe After Effects 0
Wordpress 0

Enough about me,
What can I do for you?